Declaration of War or Something

My hair is short. Quite short. Buzz-cut short.

Saturday I stood at my usual station in the food bank. Between checking in lines of people needing food assistance, I turned to a fellow volunteer and declared, “I need a haircut.”

Yes, my hair is ridiculously short. But when I can feel it brushing my ears–the first time I feel it brushing my ears–it is time for another cut. The feeling drives me a little batty. (Well, more batty.)

“You,” the other volunteer said, “are quite impulsive.”

He said it like it was a bad thing. I felt compelled to argue. “No, I make decisions without thinking a long time about them. And how is that a problem? Can you describe one decision which would be better made after long thought?”

He couldn’t, actually. I can. How about getting married or buying a house?

Yeah. How about that? The week after I met my current and only husband I moved in with him and informed him we were getting married. It’s been a great marriage. Nineteen years and counting of great marriage.

The home I live in was also an impulse buy, found when shopping real estate for a friend. In a different state. I saw the house on a real estate site one evening and fell in love–a true internet relationship story. The following morning I called the realtor and arrange to view the house that evening. I made the offer the day after that.

I am happier in this house, in this location, and in this new state, than I have ever been with any location and situation in my life.

Recently the company I work for lost the contract upon which my job depends. Angst and job-hunting followed. Or maybe they’re the same thing. Yesterday the phone continued not to ring. I’ve applied for jobs, yeah. Even interviewed. No dice.

I realized something yesterday. I don’t really want another job in my career field. I want, perhaps need, to write, edit, and sell novels. That’s what gets me up early every morning.

So…unless the phone starts ringing off the hook with a great job offer, I’m going to make yet another impulsive decision. I have a novel ready to publish. I have another which needs to be edited and published. And another in the works.

I’ll let you know when the first novel is available. In the meantime…thanks for your attention and do something brilliantly, wildly, joyfully impulsive today.


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